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An āyurvedic consultation is a tool to diagnose imbalances in the body and its physiology. Modern life has a way to disconnect us from our bodies, this disconnection prevents us from making healthy choices when it comes to lifestyle, food, and routine. As a result we find many people suffering from digestive issues, immune system debilitation, fatigue, headaches, and a general sense of discomfort. Usually allopathic medicine is not able to help find a lasting solution because the focus is on the symptoms. Āyurveda looks for the root of the imbalances in a holistic way, empowering us to take charge of our health through diet, routine, and lifestyle.

In person $199

Telehealth $199

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Ayurveda Inspired, Gratitude Powered.

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This is by far the most relaxing massage you will ever experience. We start the treatment with a conversation about your needs, your mind, emotion and body energies. Based on that information I will use specific warm oils throughout the service to provide you with Snehana (oleation in Sanskrit). This warm oil will be soothing, calming or energizing to your mind and body, depending on what your inner wisdom knows about you and shares with us that day. The 85 minutes treatment Includes a thorough scalp, face, nose and ear massage, as well as abdominal and chest massage. The 115 minute treatment also includes Garshana (dry brushing), which aids the skin in getting ready for the oil and also improves lymph circulation.

Starting at $199


Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment that involves the continuous pouring of warm oil on the third eye, also known as Ajna Chakra, located on the forehead. It is said that the oil provides a subtle massage that stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands that sit within the brain. The pineal organizes sleep and the pituitary (also called “master gland”) is in charge of EVERYTHING else, including the proper function of other glands!
Receiving a Shirodhara treatment may result in increased awareness, feelings of deep relaxation, realizations, and profound presence.

Starting at $150.



Discovered thousands of years ago by ancient eastern cultures, chakras are subtle energy centers that are distributed within the physical body. Each main chakra, located between the root of our spine and the crown of the head,  regulates emotions, feelings and organs at the energetic level; blockage of these centers may result in imbalances that may affect our daily life. Utilizing Sanskrit mantra and with the help of crystals and gems, chakras can be restored to their balanced essence bringing a sense of peace, relaxation and focus in many areas of our lives.

Starting at $150.


A favorite! A great way to induce relaxation is with the help of Tibetan singing bowls. It is said that the vibrations of the bowls are similar to the waves produced by the brain in deep states of relaxation; these are called Theta waves. While in Theta, the body and mind are capable of deep realizations and healing. By surrounding ourselves with like-theta-waves through the sound of the singing bowls, we might be helping our bodies, physical and subtle, heal faster. WholeHeartedly offers singing bowl sessions as a stand alone service or as an add on to craniosacral therapy or Chakra balancing.

Starting at $150.

Facial Treatment


The skin is the largest organ in the body and it is a direct reflection of our health. Our facial treatments are personalized based on your skin's needs and your personal skin goals. We love to help our clients clear their skin, improve texture, and bring out luminosity. Best results are achieved when Āyurvedic principles and practices are integrated into your skincare regime.

Starting at $150

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Body Massage


Swedish massage techniques are geared towards relaxation of the body, they can also be used to warm up muscle tissue with the goal of successfully applying deep tissue techniques afterwards. Deep Tissue mainly uses slow, and specific strokes to improve joint range of motion, remove adhesions and release stress. For clearly defined discomfort, joint mobilization techniques may be used as well.
Starting at $150


Subtle hands on work that reduces tone in the nervous system allowing for a better flow of cerebrospinal fluid and improved function of all systems of the body. Craniosacral therapy is provided with the client fully clothed. Being a very non-invasive type of bodywork, it is especially useful for people who prefer to be less exposed physically. Craniosacral therapy is great for individuals suffering from TMJS, migraines, stress, ear issues and ocular fatigue.

Starting at $150.

Head Massage


A type of energy work that uses Life-Force energy or Qi to replenish our bodies. Reiki is gentle and is particularly beneficial for individuals who are not able to receive massage therapy due to specific conditions. Research shows that in some cases, Reiki has the ability to provide moderate relief from pain, anxiety and depression in cancer patients.

Included with every bodywork session.

Consult for standalone fee.

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"The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects"

Shubhra Krishan

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I have had thousands of massages from probably hundreds of people over the past 20 years and I have to say that Celeste is one of my absolute favorite therapists. A session with her is not just a massage, it’s a beautifully meditative and deeply healing experience. I was blown away by her attention to detail and her ability to lift my mood and diminish my chronic pain. If I could give her more stars I would. Incredible massage!

Sam R.

Celeste is an amazing healer with a versatile set of offerings; her Ayurvedic Massage treatment is out of this world. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated afterward, and can't wait to go back again. Highly recommend!

Emily D.

Celeste is an extremely gifted massage therapist. Her healing touch and intuitive sense allows for the deepest parts of my physical body to experience healing while in her care. Her knowledge and wisdom as a conduit for the Reiki Ki energy is an extra added bonus, as is, the medicinal oils she uses. I highly recommend her to all my friends and clients.

Angel S.

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